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Kim Kardashian Tongues Kanye West

Report: Kim Kardashian's mobile game is adding more Kardashian spawn - Yahoo News

In the intimate snapshot, West has his head bowed as Kardashian sticks her tongue out, touching the side of the rappers mouth. Kardashian captioned the image, #KimKAllDay, which quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as the picture was retweeted and favorited again and again. The hashtag appears to be a reference to Wests new song, All Day. As Gossip Cop reported, the musician debuted the track at Wednesdays Brit Awards, where Kardashian introduced his performance. The song is anexpletive-laden kiss-off, though West previously used the all day phrase in relation to Kardashian when her naked Paper photos came out last fall. West tweeted the nude magazine cover and wrote #ALLDAY. Kardashian also posted several pictures from the Brit Awards, including ones taken while her husband was on stage.

As it stands in Santa Barbara, the maximum fine is $100 for a first offense. Under AB 514 which the county is supporting the maximum fine would be 10 times the cost of the permit. The Montecito homeowner who hosted Kim Kardashians 2011 wedding was fined $100 after the event, which drew 300-plus guests, tons of neighbor complaints, and hours oftraffic.

Williams Drafts Bill to Quash site internet Kardashian-Style Weddings

"You asked for it.... #KimKardashianHollywoodGame #ComingSoon," reads a statement on Kardashian's Instagram. Perhaps, in a way, we did. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood became playable on Facebook just last year.The fashion and lifestyle game, in which players rise through the ranks of glitzy society, launched in the summer of 2014 with much success, with sales predictions exceeding $200 million .

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