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Kim Kardashian Skips Oscar Parties: Find Out What She Was Doing Instead - Yahoo Celebrity

Khloe Kardashian recalls car accident in Montana, says Kim Kardashian was 'screaming and crying' | TheCelebrityCafe.com

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The accident occurred while the Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew was on vacation in Montana on Saturday. We were in Montana, hit some black ice, car spun out of control, like a big rig got ice all over our car, she explained, Celebuzz reports. We couldnt see anything so our car spun out control and I gained control and ended up in a ditch. I was driving. She admits they were all shaken up, and theyre all safe but Kim took it the worst most likely because she had her 1-year-old daughter in the car. It was scary, Kim was screaming and crying, she said.

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